Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stage Four Apocalypse

Okay, it's Saturday already . . . have they dispersed?

Not quite yet . . . We have four stages here. There's the date setting (stage 1). Increasing hysteria surrounding this particular date (stage 2). Mounting data that the date has failed(stage3), followed by apocalypse called on account of rain, but it is still coming, you betcha(stage4).

It's all kind of like the stages of cancer, dontcha think?

About ten hours from now, if not sooner, damage control will kick in (stage 3). The script is at least two thousand years old. God granted us sinners just a tiny bit of mercy, because yea, according to the book of the Strange Neighborhood, chapter 56, verse 2, we will continually reset the date later and later until the last gullible person is left upon the earth, amen (stage4).

Big hint: if you hear one word breathed over the next couple days about "God's mercy" it is almost certainly a stage four apocalyptic prophesy, and anybody who buys into it is a complete idiot. Anybody who tells you that God has further delayed the date because he is merciful is either an idiot or is deliberately trying to manipulate your reality.

See you Monday, and believe you me, I'm not any happier to see mundane reality continuing to bear down upon us day after day any more than you.

Reality is something we all will have to deal with whether we like it or not. And it can be strange, but we all pretty much know exactly what we are seeing when we see it.

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